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Kirk’s problem is he can walk on water – and no one has had that gig for 2,000 years. But can a skinny Canadian kid, raised in a small town by a single mother, really be the Son of God? Kirk just wants to be a normal teenager, hanging out with his girlfriend, stocking shelves at the corner store. But when he is caught on CCTV cameras walking across floodwaters to save his mother’s life, all hell breaks loose. 

Mixing murder, satire, and teenage romance, Canadian author Alan Daniels weaves an extraordinary story of how humanity – and the Christian establishment   – might react today to the long-awaited Second Coming. At its core is a question that has survived centuries:  If there is a creator,  an Almighty God, why is the world in such a mess?

River Boy takes a fascinating premise and weaves a very intriguing, sharp-eyed, and ultimately moving fable out of the landscapes and humans of Canada. I enjoyed it very much. 

Emma Darwin, author of "This is Not a Book about Charles Darwin" and "The Mathematics of Love"

The fact that the Second Coming of Christ, in Alan Daniels’ latest novel RIVER BOY,  occurs in a town called Hope in British Columbia, is too delicious for words.  READ ON  I say.  Read on.

- Nicola Cavendish, Genie Award-winning theatre and film actress

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