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Ron Girotto

Here is a wonderful place for mother and son to enter. Never mind heaven, River Boy runs like hell.

David Goldberg

A magical journey in our own backyard, River Boy restores my faith in humanity, in the whimsical joy of first love, and in the unbridled bond between mother and son.

Evan Girotto, aged 13

River Boy’s ability to talk to sturgeons and eagles, that’s talent! I want to be River Boy!

Anita Webster

River Boy is a delight. It’s an original story that wanders through the worlds of the supernatural, scientific enquiry, organized religion and family connections while taking a good-natured poke at publicists, the “brand of Christianity” and the Pentagon along the way. Our times are bruising. River Boy is a humorous, engaging and gentle counterpoint.

Ashley Ford

Ultimately, River Boy is a love story that underscores what mankind is still puzzling over 2,000 years after the birth of Christ. As Kirk says during his river journey when he imagines he is talking directly to God: “What sort of Creator shuts his eyes to the misery He has created?” As an aside, he says:  “If he is my dad he needs to hear this stuff! Somebody’s got to tell him.” A lovely touch.  Read and you might hear the creator’s answer… or find your own.

Pamela Groberman

Every time I drive along the Fraser River, where it parallels Hope, I look for River Boy! And cheer “Run!” The friendship between the teenagers unfolds into a young true love story. It is a strong, natural bond of I-have-your-back-no matter-what!  Kirk and Petal bring a soft, simple, sweetness to their relationship, something I think we all want.

Catherine Sas

As a wife and mother, I loved this story of a single mom and her struggle to protect her teenage son in the face of unbelievable odds. How could Lois tell the world that Kirk can walk on water, imagining what he would have to go through for the rest of his life? In this riveting, yet ultimately heart-warming story, Canadian author Alan Daniels keeps the reader in  a state of constant suspense until the heavens rumble and lighting strikes.

Bill Henry

A well-written, magical fantasy which takes a not so subtle dig at the Jesus franchise, and the religious/geopolitical establishment that seeks to literally drown a boy who can miraculously walk on water. I was sucked in from the very first sentence and completely charmed by the author’s rendering of a mother’s quest to protect her special child, despite his commitment to publicly raising funds to save the life of his first love. Set in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, this story is at once entertaining, uplifting and thought provoking: a perfect read for the challenging times In which we live. Highly recommended.

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